Flower Bouquets


Everybody is too busy to enjoy their gardens as much as they could or should, this is because there is no time to be outdoors in this rushed life. But, if the flowers are brought into our home, office or the space where you spend most of your time, you can carry on enjoying your garden from the inside.

It’s not about getting the biggest bouquet of flowers; it’s about finding exquisite flowers. One single flower, beautifully presented, sends a much bigger message.

These miracles of nature, beauty for the sake of beauty and food for the soul have a transient life, hence they have to be enjoyed while they last. The message sent with the flowers leaves behind the true intention.

A flower arrangement doesn’t have to be complicated; I believe that “less is more”

How to order:

  1. Select the desired bouquet from the display and ensure those flowers are available when placing your order.
  2. Select the day of the week you would like your order to be delivered. If there is a specific time frame, please specify this as well.
  3. Let us know the message you would like us to write in the card, if you do not want a message, a name will be required.
  4. Should you order more than one bouquet at a time, please make it clear which name and address as well as the message that goes with each bouquet.
  5. Once your selection has been made, please make sure that all the details are correct before you check out.
  6. You will receive a WhatsApp when your delivery is on its way.

All our flowers are fresh and of the highest quality, they come directly from the farms to us and some others are imported directly from suppliers in Africa & Europe.

We aim at working mainly with seasonal flowers, so some of them may not be available at different times.
The shop will display what it is available at any given time.


All bouquets/flower arrangements will be delivered by a driver, directly from our door to yours. We want you to receive your flowers fresh and in pristine condition.


With each flower bouquet that you choose, we will include an exquisite blank linen card & envelope, in which you must let us know what you would like the message to be.

With each weekly special flower arrangement that you choose, we will include a blank linen tag, ready for your personalized name or message.

As we said before, “less is more”


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